Monday, July 27, 2015


I never had a special love on the gum. But, I remember once, I was visiting my grandmother’s.

There something happened among me and my cousins. And I became very angry. I didn’t know

 how to calm down as I almost lost my all temper. Then I ran to the market and bought a pocket

of gum. And each of them had a great big size. So, I started to chew all of the gums together and

I didn’t have any room in my mouth except gum. And it really made me calm down, as then I

really had a great passion on gum!

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Mrs “I don’t know who”

         I was walking in the street and already bought some cakes in the pocket that I was carrying in my hand. I heard somebody calling me. I turned back immediately and saw an old lady staying back behind me. She wasn’t so fat but she was enough big. And had old clothes on her. She had her head. So, I only saw her little, shiny eyes there. It was a sudden eye contact between her and me. I don’t know why but I was shocked. As soon as she asked me to give me some piece of bread or cake I just shared my things whatever I bought. She took them and put all to her bag and went to turn to another person.
            What was she doing? Instead of working-doing something for eating she was begging. But the interesting part for me was why I shocked and shared all of my stuff with her if I didn’t believe her from the first? And for a long time I didn’t forget that woman’s eyes and thought that she was following maybe. Even turned back but there wasn’t anybody. This was a scary thing that I had  and couldn’t forget for a long time…

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Home :)

Home-sweet home… Where is the home? Where is the tortoise’s home? Just in his back. He is carrying it like a backpack. How cool. I wish I had such a cozy and close home too. How lucky the tortoise is. He can go to his house whenever he wants.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

The 8th dwarf :D

Sneezy and Bashfull talks to each other:
Sneezy: Come here,,, Guess what I found!
Docl: What’s that?
Sneezy: I think now I know  why we haven’t seen the Creepy dwarf…
Doc: oh, really? How did you find that?

Last page of an unfinished diary

It is a memory of a 9 years old girl's diary which is found near a lake. Two men found it when they were hunting in the forest and started to read...

Thursday, January 31, 2013

New "New year" present

 Child:   Mum, what is inside the box?
Parent:  Your New year present!
Child:    Wow, is it huge?
Parent:  Maybe…
Child:    Is it colorful?
Parent:  Yes
Child:    What color is it?
Parent:   I don’t know, just open.
Child:    Can I play with it?
Parent:  Depends…
Child:    How can I play with it?
Parent:  I don’t know, open and see. It is a surprise…
Child:   Is it really?
Parent: Yes of course…
Child:   I knew it is!
Parent: I am excited, can you open it, please?
 Child is opening the box (Beat)
Child:  Come on mum, again this red sweatshirt with blue deer on it? It is my 9th
same sweatshirt I got in every New Year!
Parent: Excited isn’t it? The same sweatshirt but different sizes every year!